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Our Rentals category offers all the fun extras to make your event spectacular! From party treat machines including popcorn, sno-cone, and cotton candy to essential event decor like stylish backdrops, sturdy framework and additional touches of table decor. Discover a variety of other rental options to effortlessly complete your event’s look and feel, ensuring every detail contributes to an unforgettable experience. Fees will be charged for damaged items or items not returned by date they are due.

Make your balloons POP even more by adding marquee numbers or letters. We are excited to partner with Southern Lights Event Rentals. Check them out @ https://marqueelightrental.wixsite.com/southernlights

Party Treat Machines

Delight guests with classic treats from our selection of popcorn, sno-cone, and cotton candy machines.

Each party machine rental is $35 per day or $100 per week.

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Transform any space into a thematic experience with our versatile and stylish backdrops. Scroll through our variety of options to see what best fits your theme. Our gold shimmer wall and grass wall are both priced to include delivery and pick up. Other backdrops are transportable and often delivered when we set up and returned by the client to the store by date due.

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Ensure the perfect setup with our durable framework solutions for any event layout. The adjustable backdrop stand rental is a great option if you have your own backdrop banner as it can be adjusted to an exact fit. However, our non adjustable framework is most stable and recommended for outdoor events.

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Table Decor

Add a touch of sophistication to your table with our decorative tableskirts or containers for table decor. Please let us know when requesting a quote if you are interested in themed centerpieces as we have more rental options to bring your look together.

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