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Balloon Services

Add a burst of color and joy to your event with our Balloon services. Choose from a variety of options including floating helium balloons, majestic balloon towers, welcoming arches, elegant garlands, and thematic centerpieces.

We also offer custom balloon designs to align perfectly with your theme and color palette, ensuring a wow factor. We always have a large selection of latex and mylar balloons available but need a two week notice if there is something specific we need to order to complete your look. We have included a color chart in the request quote section that shows the majority of our balloon colors but actually visiting our store to see the colors in person is recommended for exact color matching. We will do our best to match any uploads, but we are not responsible for slight shade differences due to varying screen types, etc.


Elevate your event setting with premium helium balloons available in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes. We include high float in all of our balloons to get the longest lasting float time. We do pre-orders and can have all the details worked out before the date of your event. A team member is happy to help you plan how many bouquets you need, how you would like them arranged and what height you need them tied. This eliminates some stress of your party day and helps it flow seamlessly as we have your order waiting for you at your requested pick up time and your arrnagements are ready to set and go. We also take walk in balloon orders that can usually be done while you wait. Depending on the business of Fridays and Saturdays, there may be more wait time.


Make a bold statement with our striking balloon towers, available in many heights and designed to fit your event’s theme and color scheme. Our standard small (5-5.5 feet tall) and large (5.5-6 feet tall) towers are built using a balloon weight and stand alone in an indoor space. A base rental is recommended for outdoor use unless you have a post, fence, etc. to which you can easily attach. All towers six feet or taller include a base rental as it is required for stability.


Create an inviting entrance, a statement piece or a photo backdrop with our custom-designed balloon arches. Arches are built on free standing framework that you can walk through (except for the table arch) with our standard sizes ranging from a sidewalk side arch with a clearance of 3 1/2 feet wide by 7 feet tall to our mega arch size that can extend up to 20 feet wide by 12 feet tall.

We can create many looks from a formatted spiral look to an organic style using balloons inflated at different sizes. For a more whimsical touch, add larger balloons or mylars. See our examples of rounded, square, circle or star arch frames. Keep in mind when considering the sting of pearls and link a loon arch styles that they have helium balloons that go across the top and are affected by weather if planning to be used outdoor. A 48 hour notice is recommended for arches and delivery is required. Also consider when ordering if you will need to add a breakdown/pickup fee for the rented bases/framework or if you will be able to return them back to our store by the date due.


Enhance your venue with stylish balloon garlands that add a touch of elegance and celebration. Balloon garlands or swags are not built on a framework and are more flexible to display in a variety of ways. Starting at $11 per foot for a basic latex balloon swag but averaging $14 per foot with minimum recommended add ons, our garlands can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. Does your venue allow attaching to walls or have existing framework that you would like to attach to? Please provide photos of these areas if so. Have you ordered your own banner and plan to use on a wall or would you need to rent one of our adjustable backdrop frames to attach your banner and balloons? We can offer advice for footage for garlands to be used with any of our backdrop rentals that you can view in our rentals section. Consider what shape you imagine the balloon display and if there will be a table in front of it that balloons may not need to go all the way to the floor. Would you like an up and over L shape design or more of an arch? The most common sizes of garlands ordered are 10′ and provides big impact and allows some flexibility to work with for most designs. Depending on size, balloon garlands are available to be picked up and installed yourself or we offer delivery and/or setup. For instruction on how to hang your swag, see our frequently asked questions section.


Select from our range of balloon centerpieces to add visual interest and thematic consistency to your tables. Whether it is an air filled option that sits directly on the table or helium filled balloons to add height and fill space, we provide a variety of options. Some styles are like mini table towers and the same color style design options which are shown in tower examples can be done for these. These design options include spiraled colors, colorblocked or scattered colors and most start at $13 each.

Custom Balloons

Tailor your event by bringing your theme to life with a custom balloon creation! These unique designs are sure to wow and create excitement for guests of all ages! We have thought through designs with clients to make their vision a reality or we welcome Pinterest ideas or inspiration pictures we can re-create and customize to fit your need.



Add a touch of elegance, texture and dimension with greenery, pampas or floral choices to accent balloon decor. Complete your balloon swag or wall with these touches of nature or use our greenery garland to make a great balloon tail on a large helium latex balloon. These addition rentals start at $5.00 and are based on the amount needed to complete your look.


From sparkling fairy lights to give your balloon decor a glow to curtain lights to add another element to your backdrop, we have you covered. LED lights are available if more vibrant color is needed either in single lights added to individual balloons or strip lights that can be run through your balloon swags, arches or towers. Blacklight rentals are a must when using our neon balloons which are blacklight reactive and don’t forget to include uplights to make your backdrop even more magical. Most lighting options are rentals and we do regular changes for battery operated items to ensure your lighting will be fine for a reasonable event timeframe.


Balloon tassels are guaranteed to bring fun whether it’s an addition to a balloon pole or a standard single 11 inch balloon with a two to four inch tassel. The larger the helium filled balloon sizes, the more tassels that we can layer down the balloon tail. We are happy to make custom options to match your color pallet perfectly and cut desired tassel lengths. We also use our tinsel doorway curtains to make long tinsel tassels. These range from .50 cents to $4.00 each depending on style.


Sometimes, you just need more sparkle! Choose from round metallic or paper confetti or to obtain a heavier coverage of confetti for helium balloons, shred confetti is recommended. Adding confetti starts at $1.00 per balloon but varies based on how much is needed for the balloon size and if you need the confetti to stick to the whole inside of the balloon or just lay loose in the bottom.

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