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About Us at A Super Party
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Hi! My name is Sharon McClellan. I grew up in Jefferson County and
moved to Kingsport in 1997 when I attended ETSU for dental
hygiene school. I have had a blessed career as a hygienist the past
18 years, but found myself looking for a change. Joe, my husband of
18 years, saw that A Super Party was for sale and knowing my
passion for parties and planning, he encouraged me to go for it.
After much prayer, we made the purchase and God has truly been
with us through each step of this new venture. I have been blessed
with such wonderful employees that are so kind, caring and helpful.
Although there's been some sacrifices, my family; Joe and our three
wonderful daughters, Macy, Lily, and Josey, have been so
I have always loved getting together for celebrations and occasions,
and I think that goes back to my roots. Growing up with a large,
close family, we got together for every grandchild's birthday, every
holiday, and any other reason my grandmother could find to come
together for fun fellowship. Those times of fun, food, fellowship,
games, and funny moments have made some of my most treasured
memories and unforgettable memories. I have tried to do the same
for my girls. In a world that sometimes seems so divided and full of
darkness, gatherings and celebrations bring us together and allow
us to put all those things aside for something or someone we all love
or feel is important. It's an honor for me to think I now get to be a
small part of those special days for so many. Thank you to all of our
great and loyal customers who have called on us. We look forward
to continually growing to be a part of many more of your
celebrations and events!